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Concierge Services for Residential and Corporate Premises

As the role of Concierge primarily focuses on customer service, we strive to provide our clients with personnel who offer great assistance in a friendly and professional manner. As the Concierge is usually the first point of contact, we understand the importance of the Concierge being trained in effective communication, customer service and the understanding of their extensive duties and expectations.

For the most reputable concierge services in Sydney, call 1300 880 880.


  • Assisting Residents
  • Booking Taxis
  • Providing local knowledge to Residents
  • Referring Residents to service providers
  • Assisting Residents with bags
  • Opening Doors
  • Calling the lifts
  • Access Control
  • Maintaining the safety of the premises and personnel
  • Maintaining the Daily Occurence Book (DOB)
  • Maintain the Move-in and Notice Diary (MIND)
  • Produce weekly Concierge Report (CR)
  • Maintaining Key Log
  • Maintaining Parcel Log