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Experienced Security Guards in Sydney

Sentinel Security Group is equipped with the best security guards in Sydney. They are experienced, trained, and constantly upgrade their skills. Our officers are posted according to different skill sets and each one has their own specialty.


The combination of experience, training and interpersonal skills, make our security teams the best in the city. Sentinel Security Group has been a beacon of light to many events and firms in the past, and we continue to do so, thanks to our security guards, and their sincere dedication to the job.


Through consultation with our clients, our security guards in Sydney are able to tailor a solution that maximises the standard of security services offered while reducing the clients overall cost.

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We can be reached via phone, email, or direct appointments with our executives. If you want to experience the best security services in Sydney.

Sentinel Security Group provides both plain clothed (undercover) security professionals and uniformed personnel in our own special uniform. The attire is designed in such a way that it is easily identifiable from others.

Security Guards in SydneyAll officers are issued with high quality uniforms of which may vary according to the specific location required, duties and client instructions. In utilising suits and Sentinel Security Groups‟ classic uniform, our clients are delivered a superior security presence. Our security officers provide high-level customer service and as such, each member of personnel is briefed, trained and supervised in the operation of the site.

Sentinel Security Group Pty Ltd uniformed and plain clothed security officers are available for: Building Security, Shopping Centres, Construction Sites, Gatekeepers & Traffic Control, Venue/Exhibitions, Body Guards/Minders, Conventions, Crowd Control, Hostile Takeovers etc…

Experienced Security GuardsWhile our security guards are trained to protect the establishments they are allotted to, they are also trained in public relations and communication to maintain professionalism among other employees. In case of any emergency, our security guards in Sydney will be able to handle the situation effectively. This is another aspect that makes us stand out from others.
Security Reports & Analysis We provide special equipment, ID cards and all other related items to our security guards. The clients will be consulted before the guards are deployed and proper reports and analysis will be done accordingly.

Sentinel Security Group provides security guards for buildings, business centres, exhibitions, events, parking lots, crowd control, personal security, body guards, and a lot more. All you need to do is tell us what you need and we will provide services right at your doorstep.

trained security officersWe provide highly trained security officers that are fully licensed in accordance with industry standards. Each officer is specially selected with the specific skills and training to suit the needs and requirements of each site and client. Each officer is professionally attired and trained in public relations and poses comprehensive communication skills. All officers are also fully accredited First Aid Attendants. In addition to the government accredited security courses all Sentinel Security Group personnel undergo further in-house training course prior to employment.